How Big is Formula 1 in Norway?

Me and my daughter at Hockenheimring in 2019
Birthday present to my 50th birthday from my daughter and son ❤️


Formula 1 is one of the most popular Motorsports events in the world. With its high-speed races and world-class drivers, it has a massive global following. However, the question remains, how big is Formula 1 in Norway? In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the popularity of Formula 1 in Norway.

Spa Francorchamps 2009

Popularity of Formula 1 in Norway

Norway is known for its love of winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. However, Motorsports also have a following in the country, with Formula 1 being one of the most popular alongside the WRC championship. The interest in Formula 1 has been growing steadily in recent years, with more and more Norwegians tuning in to watch the races.

One of the reasons for the growth in popularity of Formula 1 in Norway is the success of Norwegian driver, Dennis Hauger, who is competing in the FIA Formula 2 championship in his second season, this season he is a MP Motorsport driver.

Hauger has a large following in Norway, and his success has helped to raise the profile of Motorsports in my country.

Photo credit @ShortyVisuals 🙂

Future of Formula 1 in Norway

Finally the future of Formula 1 in Norway looks bright, with the interest in the sport continuing to grow. With the success of Dennis Hauger and the fact that it is easy to travel to several of the European tracks from Norway, the popularity of the sport is likely to continue to increase.

In conclusion, while Formula 1 may not be as big in Norway as it is in some other countries, the interest in the sport is definitely on the rise. With the availability of online streaming services like F1TV and Norway’s easy access to the whole of Europe, the future of Formula 1 in Norway looks promising.

Viasat’s broadcasts in Norway have tripled the number of viewers only the last two years! Not only thanks to Dennis Hauger, but also to the Netflix series Drive to Survive. The sum of this is that Viaplay Norge actually has increased its viewing figures tenfold in just a few years.

Unfortunately, Viasat has retained Atle Gulbrandsen as commentator. Atle Gulbrandsen and his colleagues’ miserable commentary is in itself good enough reason to pay for F1TV in my opinion.

My daughter is a big Fernando Alonso fan 🙂 (photo from Spa 2009)
My son is a big Ferrari fan 🙂 (photo from Spa 2007)
Yes, I am that old, still a Wiliams fan 🙂 (photo from Spa 2004)

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